Pilot trainings are running in sunny Florida

Pilot trainings are running in sunny Florida
US Aviation Training Services (USATS), an IDAG’s fully owned subsidiary, has recently extended training courses for airplane pilots. USATS, well known for professional helicopter trainings of all types, provides also trainings or aircraft rental services for airplane pilots. Besides all regular FAA courses such as PPL(A), CPL(A), IR rating, or Professional Pilot Program, USATS can newly welcome also pilots, who intend to convert their current ICAO licenses to FAA equivalents. American aviation market seeks thousands of airline pilots, and therefore a valid FAA license may extend your horizons and allow you to apply for a job overseas.

If you are looking for a pilot training in the USA, or if you are looking for a perfect place for your time-building, do not hesitate to contact us. Our flight school is located in Titusville, Florida, where due to the fantastic weather, you can easily complete a significant number of hours within a very short term. Moreover, our team has designed specialized packages to help pilots build their hours safely, quickly and within a structure that allows maximum exposure to flying in FAA airspace in “fair weather” Florida.

What else can you do in Titusville besides flying? Our location is totally amazing, as we are in the vicinity of many amusing places such as Kennedy Space Center, weekly/monthly rocket launches, stunning beaches, or Orlando city itself with Universal Studios or Disneyland. If you are close by, don’t forget to visit also the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum, which is right around the corner from our flight school.

The training courses are ongoing throughout the year. Our instructors are highly experienced and qualified to give you focused, personalized instructions. We are proud of having former US Air Force airmen among us.

If you want to be guided and trained by such pilot aces, request more info on info@usatsolutions.com or on info@idagcorp.com and we will be happy to answer all your questions!

You can find more info about our programs and offerings at USATS’s webpage:


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