The Best Multi-Mission Helicopter The UH-60 Black Hawk remains
the multi-role rotary wing platform
of choice for military and civil
agencies worldwide.

IDAG provides surplus Modernized UH-60A Helicopters.

The UH-60A Black Hawk is known as the undisputed workhorse of Armies, Air Forces and Emergency Rescue Services around the world. With a maximum weight rating of 20,250 lbs, and seating capacity of 11 passengers (plus 4 crew members), this helicopter gets the job done.

Performance Flexibility

Search & Rescue
External Load
Fire Fighting
Executive Transport Missions

UH-60A BlackHawk Specifications

2 pilots + 2 gunners

Capacity – Troops

11 equipped soldiers

Capacity – Cargo

Up to 8,000 pounds of external cargo (3,628 kg)


2 General Electric T700-GE-701C Turboshaft Engines

Max. Cruise Speed

183 kts (338 km/h)

Max. Operating Altitude

19,000 ft (5,791 m)

Max. Take-Off Weight

20,250 lbs (9,185 kg)

Max. Range

363 nm (672 km)

Empty Weight

11,100 lbs (5,035 kg) –⁠ depends on configuration

Max. Rate of Climb

1,315 ft/m (6.68 m/s)

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