Cooperation with ELITE (Swiss Flight Training devices manufacturer) on introducing USA to the DA40/42 interchangeable PI-42 Flight Simulator

Cooperation with ELITE (Swiss Flight Training devices manufacturer) on introducing USA to the DA40/42 interchangeable PI-42 Flight Simulator
IDAG selected ELITE PI-42 Flight Simulator, which is based on the Diamond DA-42 aircraft, as a new synthetic device for its flight school US Aviation Training Solutions (USATS) in Titusville, Florida. IDAG is working closely with ELITE to bring the first PI-42 sim into the US market. The PI-42 is high fidelity simulator with capabilities exceeding common AATD standards. Since USATS operates a twin-engine DA-42 in its flight school, it was a logical step to select a simulator matching capability of existing fleet to provide ideal training experience. IDAG has been working with ELITE to get this simulator approved by FAA, and it is anticipated that the approval will be granted in the next few months. Upon certification, the PI-42 simulator will meet FAA AATD1) level. USATS will immediately integrate the simulator into our current fixed-wing pilot programs—both single engine and multi-engine trainings. An AATD level simulator at USATS will enhance our training facility and allow trainees to practice normal, emergency and Instrument procedures. In addition to safety advantages, pilots will appreciate the considerably lower price. The simulator will be available not only for trainees from our training programs such as PPL, IR rating, CPL or FI, but for all pilots interested. Contact us for more info or book your slot at or
Among others, ELITE PI-42 single pilot open cockpit design features:
E1000 high-fidelity glass cockpit instrumentation based on G1000 equivalent
Fully integrated autopilot functionality based on GFC700 equivalent
World-wide visual scenery database, with option to add individual sceneries
Fully integrated 3-channel 65″ LCD TV Visual screen setup
3 pcs high resolution displays for immersive experience
Durable flight stick controls and fore and aft adjustable pedals
Analog Stand-by instruments screen
Diamond DA-42 style switches panels and dummy circuit breakers layout
Interchangeable central console for single engine Aircraft
Fully integrated replica Centre console
Dynamic Control Loading package
Intercom 2-way (with original aircraft headset sockets)
2nd seat (seat only without controls)
__ 1) FAA AATD Part Definition: „Provides an adequate training platform for both procedural and operational performance tasks specific to the ground and flight training requirements for Private Pilot Certificate, instrument rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate, and Flight Instructor Certificate per parts 61 and 141.“
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