The Best Multi-Mission Helicopter The UH-60 Black Hawk
remains the multi-role rotary
wing platform of choice for
military and civil agencies

IDAG provides surplus modernized UH-60A helicopters.

The UH-60 Black Hawk is known as the undisputed workhorse of Armies, Air Forces and Emergency Rescue Services around the world. With a maximum weight rating of 22,000 lbs for UH-60L (20,250 lbs for UH-60A), and seating capacity of 11 passengers (plus 4 crew members), this helicopter gets the job done.

IDAG provides surplus Modernized UH-60 Helicopters.  All IDAG offered UH-60 helicopters came from US Army BEST program.Each helicopter will undergo an in-depth upgrade including PMI 1 and PMI 2 inspection, strip and paint, and repair of all components in accordance with FAA requirements. Based on the customer’s mission profile, IDAG will equip and upgrade the helicopters to the required standards.

Helicopters can be certified in an FAA restricted category if requested by the customer.

Performance Flexibility

  • Transport
  • Search & Rescue
  • External Load
  • Medivac
  • Fire Fighting
  • Executive Transport Missions
UH-60A BlackHawk Specifications

2 pilots + 2 gunners

Capacity – Troops

11 equipped soldiers

Capacity – Cargo

Up to 8,000 pounds of external cargo (3,628 kg)


2 General Electric T700-GE-700 or 701C Turboshaft Engines

Max. Cruise Speed

183 kts (338 km/h)

Max. Operating Altitude

19,000 ft (5,791 m)

Max. Take-Off Weight

20,250 lbs (9,185 kg)

Max. Range

363 nm (672 km)

Empty Weight

11,100 lbs (5,035 kg) – depends on configuration

Max. Rate of Climb

1,315 ft/m (6.68 m/s)

Turnkey Solution

We leverage extensive industry experience to provide effective solution to support complete Lifecycle of UH-60 operation.

Excellence in UH-60

IDAG brought the first helicopter to Europe in 2017. Since then IDAG has supported thousands of flight hours of UH-60 helicopters in civilian space.  Leveraging its own training facility and network of partners, IDAG is able support it’s customers on full scale of operation.

  • On-site support
  • Pilot training
  • Maintenance training
  • Spare parts delivery
  • Mission equipment

Modernization Program

The UH-60 Black Hawk platform allows for continuous upgrades to increase the helicopter’s capabilities and features as missions require. The upgraded helicopters can perform a similar mission set as the newer UH-60 models.  Upgrade options include a Glass Cockpit with autopilot capability, New high-performance engines (701C/D), improved durability gearbox (IDGB).

Mission Equipment

In cooperation with partners, we are able to equip helicopters according to the customer’s mission needs:

  • Arial Work with Internal / External Lift
  • Fire Fighting
  • Search and Rescue
  • Police & Special Mission
  • Movie shooting and Production
  • VIP Transport
  • Medivac
  • Defense Application
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